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Trust the mason that grew up with a trowel in his hand.

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Restoring your property for the future

Are you worried about your building restoration work? Garcia Masonry and Restoration is here to help you. We are located in Plymouth, MA. Contact us today to know more. Trust our 24 years of experience.

We understand your objective in restoring a building for years to come. We love old buildings and we appreciate those owners who want to restore them for future generations. From home foundations to brownstone facades, we do it all.

Our building restoration services

  • Comprehensive stone masonry - foundations to facades that can be in every style of stone imaginable, including Vermont slate, tumbled bluestone, cobble stones, granite, and sandstone

  • Full matching of original materials, colors, building styles, and tightness of joints

  • Cleaning and water-proofing - pressure-washing and water-based water-proofing, or other products as required by you 

Why us?

We do restoration work related to stone, block, brick, walkways, chimneys, and patios. We also do small masonry repair, stainless steel chimney liners, and steps related work.


Want to get restoration work done for your building? Call us! We also provide 24-hour emergency services.

  • Safe work environments - We won't put you or ourselves in harmful situation.

  • Small footprint, no mess - We stay out of your way and take care not to disturb grounds or the steady flow of traffic.

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